RuPy is the strongly dynamic conference concerning mostly Ruby and Python programming languages. Registration is open from some time and now we have also completed the agenda. There will be a load of talks and many geek world stars will come to talk about their experiences.

After the first day of talks, we invite all attenders to join the Geek Party, where one can discuss Ruby and Python-related issues while holding a glass of cold beer.

List of speakers and talks include:

  • Michael Dirolf - “An Introduction to MongoDB”
  • Obie Fernandez - “Rapid Application development with Rails and MongoDB”
  • David Goodger - Community-oriented talk
  • Charles Oliver Nutter - “JRuby: Pushing the Boundaries”
  • Paolo Negri - “RabbitMQ”
  • Tarek Ziade - “The Python Packaging Ecosystem”
  • Scott Chacon - “Mastering Git”

Check out the complete list of speakers. We still have some places left, so do not hesitate if you don’t want to miss any of these talks and register now for just 59 EUR.

All the details can be found at See you at RuPy’09!

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