Because of being invited to take part in a Rails Girls event, I created two presentations. Both of them are intended to be used as short introductions (to Ruby and Git, respectively).

Take a look if you’d like to use them to train other beginners, possibly at an another Rails Girls event.

Łukasz Wróbel at Rails Girls

Introduction to Ruby

It tries to cover:

  • Variables;
  • simple calculations;
  • conditions;
  • functions;
  • collections;
  • symbols;
  • classes.

Introduction to Git

It goes through the basic workflow:

  1. Cloning the repository (git clone).
  2. Working on files.
  3. What’s the situation? (git status)
  4. What exactly have I done? (git diff)
  5. I want to share these changes (git add)
  6. Double-checking (git diff --cached)
  7. Making a commit (git commit)
  8. Sharing your changes (git push)
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