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RuPy'09 Conference - Agenda is Complete

October 24, 2009 / category: RuPy / 0 comments

RuPy is the strongly dynamic conference concerning mostly Ruby and Python programming languages. Registration is open from some time and now we have also completed the agenda. There will be a load of talks and many geek world stars will come to talk about their experiences.

Read on if you're curious who's going to make a speech at RuPy'09.

Obie Fernandez is going to make a presentation at RuPy

June 02, 2009 / category: RuPy / 0 comments

We have a first confirmed speaker - Obie Fernandez. Obie is a well-known Ruby on Rails developer and founder of the Hashrocket company. He also keeps a blog and often speaks at conferences.

RuPy 2009 Conference

May 15, 2009 / category: RuPy / 0 comments

Last year I have had the occasion of attending the RuPy Conference. Idea of the community-driven conference took my fancy and I decided to take an active part in the 2009 edition of RuPy.

I cooperate with the RuPy Conference organizers and I will be responsible mainly for keeping the community together. There is also a chance that I'll make a presentation entitled "Artificial Intelligence Methods in Ruby".

If I only get to know something new, I will gladly share the information with you. And if you have any questions regarding the RuPy Conference, do not hesitate to contact me.

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